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November 9, 2018Open House

Join us at Northwestern for a variety of unique ASHA CEU events hosted by CSD faculty!

May 11th
Music Therapy at the Intersection of Medicine, Society & our Personal Lives
The Music Therapy profession is growing. With high-profile faculty and innovative curricula at the intersection of health, music, and communication, Northwestern University is uniquely positioned to engage with this vital and growing discipline by hosting a one-day symposium.
May 18-19th
Transgender Voice: A Clinical Workshop for Speech-Language Pathologists
This two-day workshop is designed for speech-language pathologists who are currently working with or planning to provide services to the transgender/gender non-conforming community. Participants will gain knowledge in cultural competency, the healthcare continuum, assessment and services for transgender communication including voice, speech and language.
July 12-14th
Charleston Swallowing Conference
The Charleston Swallowing Conference is a multidisciplinary conference designed for practicing clinicians across all patient care settings and ages. Established in 2003 in Charleston, SC the planning committee at the Medical University of South Carolina is now partnering with Northwestern University’s Swallowing Cross-system Collaborative (SCS) in Evanston to host this one-of-a kind learning event.

August 3-4th
Laryngeal Imaging Course: Performance & Interpretation of Videostroboscopy
This two-day workshop is designed for speech-language pathologists and otolaryngologists interested in developing and refining technical performance and interpretation of laryngeal videostroboscopic exams.

November 29, 2017Toys to Talk About

April 25, 2017

Learning to Talk Like a Woman (or Man) - The New York Times


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